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Written account 503

NET performance, definitely check out the demo at www. When WAS fails to create a worker process, it will generate this error. Why does it happen? These include invalid application pool configuration, failure to create the process due to incorrect application pool identity settings, bad IIS configuration that causes the worker process to fail to initialize, or a process crash due to application logic.

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How do I get rid of it? Check whether your application pool is stopped Once WAS fails to start your worker process a set number of times, it goes into Rapid Fail Protection Mode and stops the application pool.

By default, Rapid Fail Protection is set at 5 times in 5 minutes. Once the application pool that contains your application has been stopped, all requests to applications in it will result in that plain error.

The next step is to check the event log for information about why your worker process could not be started. It also includes the suggested diaagnostics and workaround steps for each error condition: When confronted with event log messages from IIS, use this document to find and resolve the error using the health model as reference.

Written account 503

Fix the error condition This step of course depends on the specific error condition that you are experiencing, as indicated by the event log errors from the previous step.

Be sure to use the health model link above as reference for most of IIS error conditions that result in EventLog errors.

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The following are common: WAS failed to start the worker process: The configuration is invalid. The application pool identity has wrong account name or password. The maximum number of worker processes is reached or out of resources.

The configuration section is invalid A module DLL listed in has invalid path, or failed to load A module failed to initialize, returning an error from its RegisterModule entrypoint Application crash: A module, or application component has generated a debug break, or memory access violation, causing the process to terminate abruptly.

Assuming you were able to correct the underlying error condition, you should be able to re-start the application pool and try again. Re-start application pool Now that the error is fixed, we can start the application pool and try the request again: You should see that the application pool successfully started.

Now, you should be able to re-try your request and verify that the error has gone away.

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If not, rise and repeat. In the case of an application crash, you may need to debug the worker process to get to the bottom of the error. You can read about this here: Also, you can find a post about general IIS7 error diagnostics here: Troubleshoot IIS7 errors like a pro.

I hope you find that this takes some of the mystery out of these problems, and helps you get going quickly when you hit this on your server.


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Written account 503

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