Wozencraft notes from the country club essay

Two years earlier, while she was working in a New York public relations firm, Cynthia met Daniel, a charming and attractive airline pilot from her home state of Texas. His dreams seemed to be hers—marriage and children. Soon after they settled in Texas, however, the dream crumbled as an abusive relationship developed.

Wozencraft notes from the country club essay

Born in Dallas, TX; daughter of an aluminum salesman and a homemaker; married Creig Matthews a former undercover narcotics officerDecember, divorced, ; married Richard Stratton a screenwriter; children: Home— New YorkNY.

Served as an advisor for television programs on prison life. Actress in the film Whiteboyz, Served with the U. Air Force for eight months, The Devil's Backbone, St.

Kim Wozencraft has led an astonishing life, first as an undercover narcotics officer, then as a drug addict who was sent to federal prison, and finally as a successful author of novels based on the experiences of her life.

Born into a middle-class Catholic family in Dallas, Wozencraft was the oldest of three daughters. She did well in high school and enjoyed sports, especially track and softball, and occasionally wrote poetry. Upon graduating high school she attended nearby Richland College and worked in a dead-end job in a mall.

She was recruited by and joined the Tyler Police Department and began work as an undercover narcotics officer at the age of twenty-one. Partnered with Creig Matthews, who became her lover and eventually her husband, Wozencraft descended into a life of drug addiction.

They did the deals, collected the drugs evidenceand stored them, but they used some of the stored drugs too. Over time she and Matthews became addicts. She later told Kristin McMurran of People: Other times I'd wake up wondering what I was doing.

Then I'd lay out a couple of lines, and cocaine would answer all the questions. She grabbed the gun barrel as the unseen assailant blasted her partner's leg and arm, almost killing him. Shortly after the attack, she "quit the police department, got free and clear of her drug addiction and moved to San Antoniowhere she joined the Air Force," wrote Kachtick.

A police officer assigned to the shotgun incident began investigating the undercover work of the two narcotics officers. He gave what he discovered to the FBI, who began their own investigation. They began questioning her. At first she denied she took drugs and had framed the drug lord; ultimately though, she let it all out.

She and Matthews were prosecuted, and inshe was sentenced to prison for eighteen months. After her release inshe divorced Matthews and began her college studies at Columbia University in New York City, as well as her new life.

The thesis became her first published work, Rush. Rush is an autobiographical novel. The film rights were sold before Wozencraft had even finished the manuscript.

In the novel, Kristen Cates, a part-time college student with idealistic notions about doing socially redeeming work, joins the police force in Pasadena, California, and is soon assigned to undercover drug work.

The book progresses from selections that require literal skills (Description, Narration, and Example) through readings involving more interpretation (Process Analysis, Division/Classification, Comparison/Contrast, and Definition) to essays that demand a high degree of analytical thought (Cause/Effect and Argument/Persuasion). Feb 09,  · Notes from the Country Club { February 9, @ pm } · { Uncategorized } The assertion that Kimberly Wozencraft was making in her essay was that people are going to . Prose Reader, The: Essays for Thinking, Reading, and Writing, 11/E KIMBERLY WOZENCRAFT Notes from the Country Club. Have you ever wondered what being in prison is like? Kimberly Wozencraft takes us for a no-nonsense tour of the “correctional institution” in Kentucky that was her home for more than a year.

Her instructor, later her lover, is Captain Jim Raynor, who teaches her the hard lesson that dealers will not trust people not willing to take the drugs themselves.

As Cates falls deeply into the drug world she is supposed to be combating, she reflects on what taking drugs has done to her. You can tell yourself you are doing it because you have to, so you can make the case. Because it's better than sex or it makes sex better.Wozencraft's stint as a narc inspired her raggedly vital Rush ()--and, like Rush's heroine, she wound up her cop-career by perjuring herself into a federal pen.

Behind bars, withdrawing from Valium addiction, Wozencraft was sent to a women's psychiatric unit: the bleak setting for this second novel--more controlled than Rush but far less daring--about a woman awaiting trial for killing her abusive husband.

Kim Wozencraft Kim Wozencraft is wozencraft notes from the country club essay a Notes from the Country essay social obedience psychology Writing the raisin sun essay a introduction in Club grew out of time served in federal prison. In Wozencraft released Notes from the Country Club, which draws on her own experiences in prison to tell the story of a woman incarcerated for killing her abusive husband.

Now in a psychiatric unit, Cynthia Mitchell awaits a doctor's evaluation as to whether she is competent to stand trial.

Wozencraft notes from the country club essay

The best American essays, / edited and with an introduction by Annie Dillard ; Robert Atwan, series editor. Feb 09,  · Notes from the Country Club { February 9, @ pm } · { Uncategorized } The assertion that Kimberly Wozencraft was making in her essay was that people are going to .

Wozencraft notes from the country club essay

Her novel Notes from the Country Club grew out of time served in federal prison. Her work has appeared in The Best American Essays, the Los Angeles Times, Texas Monthly, Chronogram, and numerous literary magazines and anthologies.

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