Window blinds business plan

How to Start a Blinds Business These tips are written for those of you who hope to start a blinds business. Read these tips before you begin your venture. Thinking about opening a blinds business?

Window blinds business plan

On the other hand, it seems like people are either in one business or the other. Another way to look at it is that Screens are a Need and Window Treatments are a want.

And the market is not confined to homeowners. The most popular window treatments are blinds. Homeowners installing blinds are willing to pay a bit extra. If you look carefully, this is probably what your landlord did.

The most expensive blinds are wooden shutters. Also, they look at blinds as a service that someone else should be doing. Well, the people who spent a lot of money on blinds are not do-it-yourselfers. Your business is allowing them to do the fun part—pick out the blinds in their house.

They pay extra for the Convenience, personal attention you give them, and the idea that the blinds will be somehow custom or special. You get to do the not so fun part—measuring, ordering and installing.

And there is a bit of skill involved. The most important skill is measurement. Yea, it sounds easy. But if you have installed blinds yourself, you know how easy it is to make a mistake. A car with back seats that fold in will suffice.

window blinds business plan

This business became a popular franchise opportunity a few years back. Just order the blinds after your customer puts down a deposit. We will forgo the discussion of weather or not you need to be a licensed contractor in California and if the license requirements are enforced for people doing simple jobs.

But according to the interview we did with the State Contractors Board, this might not fly. It seems to be a gray area of the law. Where do you get the Blinds and Screening Material?? Or you can order them through the mail. You order the blinds, and they ship them to your door.

They have great prices on many styles of blinds. We found one manufacturer who works with independent business owners called Comfortex.

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We have contacted them and are waiting for them to get back to us with more details; we are not sure if they are still in business.Commercial services: BB Commercial Solutions is a part of Budget Blinds and is devoted to helping business owners with window coverings.

It also has cabinetry, closet and flooring options for /5(31). Description. With our window treatments, you can easily give any room in your home a fresh, new look. Stop by today to browse through our wide selection of window shades and blinds and the necessary hardware to hang them up.

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Plan in Advance. As with many electronic systems, it's best to plan for motorized window treatments as early as. possible in the construction of the home, in the planning phase if possible, and wire for them.

before the walls close. Manufacturing interior and exterior wood window shutters is a very simple manufacturing business to establish and run. Best of all, only a small homebased workshop is required for manufacturing space.

Window Treatment Shades Blinds Irving Texas Window Treatment ABOUT THIS BUSINESS PLAN. The business plan consists of a narrative (body) and financial worksheets.

Work through the sections in any order that you want, except for the Executive Summary, which should be .


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