The witchcraft hysteria in the case of the infamous salem trials

However, it was in Hartford in30 years before the infamous Salem witch trials, that a witch hunt hysteria took hold, resulting in seven trials and four executions. The accused began to accuse others, and even their spouses, of being the true witches.

The witchcraft hysteria in the case of the infamous salem trials

The Salem Witch Trials Facts

Salem Witch Trials [Link ] Questia is "the world's largest online library of over 47, books andjournal, magazine and newspaper articles", -- and is a commercial site.

The Salem Witchcraft Trials by Doug Lindner [Link ] This site is so chock full of transcripts of the primary sources -- depositions, warrants, letters, petitions -- you really have to go and explore it for yourself!

The brief biographies of various participants are excellent, and the timeline of events very helpful! Witchcraft in Salem Village [Link ] from the site: Its purpose is to introduce a major area of Danvers' collections relating to the infamous Salem Village Witchcraft Trials of This Website is designed to provide accurate general information about these witchcraft events, as well as information on other aspects of Danvers' history.

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We hope you enjoy browsing our information. This site includes the portrait of Rev. Samuel Parris, with information about the circumstances of its discovery, and its dimensions The image is black-and-white, however, and seems to be a mirror image of the the real thing.

See a version of this image at my site: Verbatim Transcripts of the Legal Documents of the Salem Witchcraft Outbreak ofwhich is frustratingly no longer available from the publisher. This is, bar none, the most important single website for anyone doing on-line research on the Salem Witchcraft Trials.

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If you are interested in Plimouth, start here. Holdings from Various Archives by Benjamin Ray [Link ] This is an archive of digital images of all the actual handwritten legal documents concerning the Salem Witchcraft Trials from various manuscript collections.

You can actually look at the image of Samuel Parris's handwritten transcription of the examination of Martha Corey! Or the death warrant of Bridget Bishop. A small part of the site is still unavailable to the public because the holder s of some documents have not yet given the University of Virginia permission to do so, but the number of restricted manuscripts is very low.

Some of the images are of better quality than others -- for instance, the images of the documents held at the Peabody-Essex Museum is taken from older black-and-white microfilm, but the new full-color digital photographs of the manuscripts at the Boston Public Library are absolutely luscious, with all the detail of the paper and ink.

The witchcraft hysteria in the case of the infamous salem trials

Each archive provides at least two sizes of each image, in case you are looking for very fine details in a manuscript.

Definitely a class act!This website is a portal to make it easier to access the on-line primary sources -- both in transcription and facsimile images -- of the Salem Witch Trials located at other websites on the internet.

The infamous Salem Witch Trials refers to a series of witchcraft cases that were presented before local magistrates in a settlement known as Salem, which in .

How the Historic Persecution of Witches Led to the Infamous Salem Witchcraft Trials. The most well-known of all the cases in the colonies being the infamous Salem Witch Trials. Yet, this was by no means the only case worthy of note. Goody Glover and the Goodwin family.

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This page is for subscribers only. Click here to purchase a subscription and get access to the Salem Witch Museum Education Section. Salem to hear the cases; the first convicted witch, Bridget Bishop, was hanged that June.

Eighteen others followed Bishop to Salem’s Gallows Hill, while some more men, women and children were accused over the next several months. By September , the hysteria had begun to abate and public opinion turned against the trials.

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