The scarlet letter significance of hester

This is one of the three modes of persuasion in rhetoricas distinguished by Aristotle, the other two being pathos and logos.

The scarlet letter significance of hester

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Click the symbolism infographic to download. At various times, it symbolizes adultery, sin, hard work, skill, charity, righteousness, sacredness, and, of course, grace. She has to make the letter, since this is midth-century Colonial America—you want something, you make it.

And, like an early Martha Stewart, she makes it beautiful: By embroidering the "A" so finely and ornately, Hester takes control of her own punishment.

She basically owns it. The letter showcases her talent and artistry, skills that allow her to make a living as a single parent in Puritan Boston. These qualities of strength and independence set her apart—as does her love of beauty, since we meet the Puritans as a crowd of "bearded men, in sad-coloured garments and grey steeple-crowned hats.

Some people even "refused to interpret the scarlet A by its original signification" 8.

Definition of Ethos

Instead, they say that the "A" stands for "Able"—as in, Hester is such an able woman. Eventually, the letter even achieves a kind of holiness. It imparted to the wearer a kind of sacredness, which enabled her to walk securely amid all peril.

Had she fallen among thieves, it would have kept her safe" Many years later, when Hester returns and voluntarily takes up the scarlet letter again, it has become, for her and others, a symbol of grace: Symbology One last thing. This might get a little complicated, so take it slow.

Sure, sometimes an author will get really explicit. Instead, certain items, colors, and references gather associations.

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He knows about literature and literary symbols. The scarlet letter symbolizes all those things that we already said, but it also symbolizes the danger of thinking symbolically.

We become like the Puritans, only able to interpret things in one way.Rachel Weisz stars as Hester Collyer, the wife of an upper-class judge whose life is thrown into erotic and emotional turmoil when she begins an affair with a troubled former RAF pilot (Tom Hiddleston).

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The scarlet letter significance of hester

Significance of Ethos in Literature. Ethos works in many ways in literature. While it’s not as popular in contemporary literature, some authors make themselves into a narrator character in their own works, and address the audience directly.

Symbolically, when Hester removes the letter and takes off the cap, she is, in effect, removing the harsh, stark, unbending Puritan social and moral structure.

Hester is only to have a brief respite, however, because Pearl angrily demands she .

The Scarlet Letter in The Scarlet Letter

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The Crucible by Arthur Miller is a very well written account of the Salem Witch Trials and provides an incredible portrait of the complexities of the human soul.

The scarlet letter significance of hester
Behind the Name: Meaning, origin and history of the name Hester