Outline for stock market crash

Eric Engstrom 1 Yogi Berra's admonition, "It's tough to make predictions, especially about the future," applies to many types of prognostication, but it is especially appropriate for forecasting the stock market. Stock market gyrations are notoriously hard to predict, and not for lack of effort by legions of investors, market commentators and academics. In this article, we investigate whether efforts to forecast stock market crashes, in particular, can be aided by using information embedded in options prices. It is natural to suppose that the prices of options might be useful for forecasting crashes, given the long history of using options prices as indicators of investor sentiment and uncertainty regarding the outlook for the prices of financial assets.

Outline for stock market crash

That day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell abruptly, which was caused by the rejection of the bank bailout bill in the Congress Amadeo, However, the problems that preceded these events had been piling up for a long time, and the disaster was inevitable.

So, what caused the crisis? What happened exactly and why the government was unable to prevent the crash? In this essay, I argue that the main cause of the market crash was the subprime mortgage market that has led to the unprecedented mortgage crisis.

In some way, one may suggest that the American dream is to blame for the financial crisis. FromOutline for stock market crash housing market steadily grew, and an increasing number of people received an opportunity to get the house of their dream. The problem was that many people who bought houses could not afford them.

Subprime mortgages allowed such people to get a loan despite the fact that they were high-risk borrowers. There were many options during that period, such as, for example, interest only loans, adjustable loans, zero down loans, etc.

Governmental policies fostered home-ownership, so the country demonstrated irrational exuberance and conviction that home prices would continue to increase Holt, Unfortunately, these hopes were unfounded, and some of the early signs of the disaster were beginning to emerge in The government, investment bankers, credit rating agencies, insurance companies, and all other institutions involved in the housing market were to blame for the housing crisis.

Banks securitized each loan and passed the risk off to someone else mainly foreign investorsso when the crisis eventually hit the country, it was impossible to determine who was responsible. Mortgage lenders continued to make subprime mortgages and adjustable rate mortgages, while the government did nothing to prevent the disaster.

Regulators claimed that the market was stable as never and saw no need to intervene, especially as millions of Americans finally got their own houses Holt, When the home prices fell, it seemed that no one was ready for this change.

Some people could not even make their first payment, and it became obvious that too many Americans lived the lives they could not afford Holt, Many lost their homes to foreclosure and had to file for bankruptcy in the process Kosakowski, Real investment spending also fell as financial institutions could no longer continue their activities.

In this way, the housing crisis has led to a domino effect, causing one of the major economic crises in the U.

Outline for stock market crash

To summarize, the housing bubble is to blame for the economic crisis. The massive recession was triggered by the collapse in house prices, which in turn were caused by ill-considered mortgage policies and the lack of governmental regulation.

Banks offered opportunities for people to get affordable houses, so it is difficult to blame regular citizens for being too improvident.

Financial institutions and experts should have foreseen the adverse consequences of the housing market policies, but it is still debated whether anything could be done to prevent the crisis when its first signs emerged. Stock market crash of Causes of the stock market crash of essay By November 21, Critical essay on shakespeare jrotc today tomorrow and yesterday essay about myself percy shelley ozymandias essay essay about english language key to global access arogyame maha bhagyam essay about myself.

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The stock market is crashing and the hysteria is starting again. Over at USA Today, for instance, two financial writers I love to hate are up to their old tricks, singing songs of sorrow to the masses: Matt Krantz, who is always dogging Apple, writes that the stock has fallen 'close to a freak-out level'.

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