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I am starting a new thread for those of you interested in tracking ancestors both from Maryland to Louisiana, approximately and beyond, and those who were enslaved at the Hardy Family Thomas Siebert Hardy and William F. Hardy plantations sugar mills in the St. I welcome any Hardy family members of color or those related to slave owners to assist in this research.

Oral history americanstudies

Porter, the Indianapolis Recorder is now one of the top African-American publications in the nation.

Oral history americanstudies

Established inthe Indianapolis Recorder focused on local people and events in Indianapolis but also reported national events. Also included are essays by Latin American feminists and revolutionaries, who address both the universal concerns of women in every age and the distinctive issues of their struggles in the region.

New content is uploaded on a biweekly basis, giving users immediate access to a steadily growing treasury of extraordinary writings. The database currently features 36 plays and over 52, pages of prose.

When complete it will includepages of fiction and poetry and plays, so representing the Chicano culture and all the different ethnicities of Latin American writers with a Hispanic background working in the United States. National Archives and Records Administration: Subjects include African-American women, families and children, suffrage, temperance, women in the military, and other subject areas related to women's history.

Our goal is to include more thanpages of personal narratives including letters, diaries, pamphlets, autobiographies, and oral histories, providing a rich source for scholars in a wide range of disciplines.

Oral history americanstudies

Much of the material is previously unpublished. Several thousand pages of Ellis Island Oral History interviews, indexed and searchable for the first time, are included.

North American Indian Drama Alexander Street Press This edition of North American Indian Drama contains plays by 33 playwrights, together with detailed, fielded information on related productions, theaters, production companies, and more.

The database also includes the Native Playwrights' Newsletter, a unique resource, containing a wealth of original essays, articles, photographs, interviews, reviews, and production information related to the plays.

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The plays themselves have been selected using leading bibliographies and with the editorial advice of scholars and the playwrights themselves. It includes some 40, pages of major reference materials, together with records to approximately 30, plays, 57, people, 5, theatres, 22, productions, and 2, production companies.

Each year we'll add more than 20, new records. The collection also includes approximately 10, images, playbills, postcards, scrapbooks and other resources. Alexander Street Drama is a package that includes North American Theatre Online along with all the content in the following full-text play collections.

Everything is cross-searchable through the unified North American Theatre Online interface, with the results seamlessly integrated into one search result.

North American Women's Drama Alexander Street Press When complete North American Women's Drama will bring together more than 1, plays, along with related biographical, production, and theatrical information.

The collection begins with the works of Mercy Otis Warren and Susanna Haswell Rowson in colonial times and will span the 19th and 20th centuries to the present.Core database for feminist research from to the present.

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Contains citations and some full-text of journals, newspapers, newsletters, bulletins, books, book chapters, proceedings, reports, theses, dissertations, non-governmental organization studies, Web sites & Web documents, and grey literature.

Seth Kotch, assistant professor of digital humanities, conducts research in modern American history (specifically the social and cultural history of criminal justice), digital humanities, and oral history.

The Jeffrey H. Brodsky Oral History Thesis Prize is given to one student annually whose thesis makes an important contribution to knowledge and most exemplifies the rigor, creativity, and ethical integrity we teach our students.

Before coming to William and Mary in , he was a curator of American culture at the National Museum of American HIstory, Smithsonian Institution, where he curated or co-curated many exhibits, most notably Rock & Soul: Social Crossroads ( -) and "This is Your Childhood, Charlie Brown": Children and American Culture Seth Kotch, assistant professor of digital humanities, conducts research in modern American history (specifically the social and cultural history of criminal justice), digital humanities, and oral history.

A guide to completing research on the interdisciplinary study of the culture, history, and society of the United States, including folk and popular culture, history, politics, society and ethnography, regional and urban studies, and public heritage.

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