North carolina a&t college essay topics

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North carolina a&t college essay topics

The football program at historically black Grambling State University has seen better days. Today, however, the Grambling football program is in the midst of a mutiny.

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Players are fed up with deplorable working yes, working conditions, and their complaints, if true, describe an athletic program not only unable to provide basic accommodations, but one that is likely breaking the law.

Players describe mold and mildew in the locker rooms, unsafe workout equipment, and uncut grass on the practice field. They also complain of having to buy their own Gatorade and taking bus trips to far-flung away games, one totaling 1, miles round-trip.

As a result, players have flat-out refused to practice or attend team meetings, and, this past weekend, north carolina a&t college essay topics refused to play rival Jackson State University.

And in the midst of it all, two coaches, including Williams, have been fired in a span of five weeks amid squabbles and power struggles with upper administration. For years, Grambling, like many other colleges and universities, has poured millions of dollars from its operating budget to support its under-resourced athletic program.

This is in the face of other glaring needs, like student aid.


The stunning fall of the once-vaunted Grambling football program is about more than Grambling. Colleges all over the country are sponsoring athletics they simply cannot afford, and many of them are doing so amid shameful cuts in state higher education funding.

Unlike colleges that see football as merely a means of garnering publicity and attracting students, HBCUs often see football as an essential link to their history and greatness. But declining revenue trends and a burgeoning movement of athlete activism have rendered accounting tricks less effective at shielding the harsh realities of athletic profligacy.

north carolina a&t college essay topics

Grambling is the most shocking example of these realities, but it is not the only HBCU, or college, in general, struggling to keep its athletic program afloat.

For many under-resourced colleges, guarantee games have become the preferred means of generating quick revenue.

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But these games come with a price, as they feed into perceptions of HBCU inferiority and put players in the role of sacrificial lambs. Guarantee games have become such an embarrassment for all involved that the Big Ten is discouraging them, and there are rumblings that other conferences will follow suit.

So there is hope that this perverse gravy train will soon end. In order to survive, under-resourced colleges must adopt substantive reforms that transcend short-term stopgaps. Such a drop would be a considered an insult at many institutions, but it could be a particularly attractive and necessary option for HBCUs.

FCS schools are required to sponsor at least 14 varsity sports. The vast majority of these sports will net no revenue. It should be no surprise that no FCS athletic program, HBCU or not, turns a profit — and the programs that break even do so only after large institutional subsidies as high as 90 percent.

Colleges are only required to sponsor 10 sports. But low revenue is not destiny. Given their cloistered conference alignments, Division I HBCUs tend to play each other, a routine that has fostered strong rivalries. And if they joined their Division II counterparts, historic rivalries could be rekindled.

Citing "no rational way" of funding the transition, university officials aborted the plan after four years. Three years later, WSSU played in the Division II national championship game and was able to balance its athletics budget, even though it is contending with state disinvestment and still paying down deficits from its Division I foray.

WSSU is ranked 16th in attendance, so while the move back down to Division II may have disappointed some, its fans have not abandoned the program.A&T Theatre arts performs first production of “Radio Golf” by African American playwright August Wilson. Theatre The Theatre Program at A&T was the first accredited Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) at an HBCU in North Carolina; second in the nation.


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north carolina a&t college essay topics

An encyclopedia of the history of the Old North State. A Publisher's Confession. Written by Walter Hines Page in , A Publisher's Confession details the faults and errors of his literary peers. The University of North Carolina is a multi-campus university dedicated to serving our state and its people through world-class teaching, research and scholarship, and outreach and service.

The oldest public university in the nation, UNC traces its roots to the state’s constitution, which held that “All useful Learning shall be duly.

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