Mission statement public vs private sector

Public Administration In modern democracies, public service is often performed by employees known as civil servants who are hired by elected officials. Government agencies are not profit-oriented and their employees are motivated very differently.

Mission statement public vs private sector

Share on Facebook Businesses operating in the private sector have different goals and follow different accounting practices than public-sector governments and agencies.

Mission statement public vs private sector

Business financial management targets the areas of concern for company owners and shareholders. Public-sector financial management aims to satisfy the politicians and bureaucrats who have oversight of the operations of public bodies and the constituents of elected officials.

The differing objectives and stakeholders result in fundamental differences in how financial operations are carried out. Planning and Budgets While both public and private sectors use budgets as a key planning tool, public bodies balance budgets, while private sector firms use budgets to predict operating results.

The public sector budget matches expenditures on Mission statement public vs private sector assets and services with receipts of public money such as taxes and fees. If a public sector budget doesn't balance, you have to cut services, raise taxes or borrow the difference.

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In the private sector, you forecast revenues and expenses to estimate how much profit your company will make. If your profit is too low, you can cut costs or increase the marketing budget and predict higher sales.

Financial Objectives The financial objectives of a public-sector body are to maximize the delivery of services to the client group while keeping expenses to the authorized limit. Financial success is spending the amount authorized in the budget to provide the projected services.

The objective is to meet the budgeted numbers. The objective of a business is to reduce costs and increase revenue to maximize profit. A private-sector organization aims to spend less and sell more than predicted in the budget.

Success is to exceed the profit forecast.

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Accounting Differences Public sector organizations carry out bookkeeping and accounting functions as detailed in the governing legislation. Financial controls are aimed at proving that spending is according to the amounts approved by the legislative bodies.

Politicians are interested in spending rather than in tracking the effect on asset values and liabilities. Private-sector accounting follows generally accepted accounting principles that govern how assets and liabilities are shown in the balance sheet of the company.

The emphasis is on determining how much profit the company has made and how financially stable it is. Audits and Accountability Both public- and private-sector organizations require auditing to verify the accuracy of their financial management.

Public government organizations are audited by the government office responsible for the verification of government accounts. Other public agencies and private-sector organizations may provide financial statements audited by accounting professionals or accounting companies licensed to carry out this work.

Large corporations have to prepare annual audited financial statements for their shareholders. While the auditing process is similar for the public and private sectors, the material audited differs, because public-sector audits establish that expenses are accurately portrayed, while private-sector audits show that the profitability and financial stability of a company are presented correctly.

References Ohio State University: He started writing technical papers while working as an engineer in the s. More recently, after starting his own business in IT, he helped organize an online community for which he wrote and edited articles as managing editor, business and economics.The Difference Between the Private and Public Sector It is important to understand the difference between the private sector and public sector because your privacy rights will differ depending on the legislation that an organization is governed under.

Basis for Comparison Public Sector Private Sector; Meaning: The section of a nation's economy, which is under the control of government, whether it is central, state or local, is known as the Public Sector.

This vision harnesses the opportunities to collaborate with other Federal agencies, the private sector, and the public to offer information—including records, data, and context—when, where, and how it is needed.

Their clients include the Federal government and companies in the private sector.

Mission statement public vs private sector

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As we can see, in private sector, financial managers are generally motivated by profit and pushed to maintain a minimum level of profitability while for public sector, head of department are more focus on to meet the expectation of customers by providing the best .

Difference Between Public Sector and Private Sector (with Comparison Chart) - Key Differences