Language choice in multilingual communities essay

Essay For this assignment, you will write an essay on your topic of choice from the list below. Language choice in multilingual communities It has been suggested that certain social factors — who you are talking to, the social context of the talk, the function and topic of the discussion — are important in accounting for language choice in many different kinds of speech community. Consider your own community.

Language choice in multilingual communities essay

Psychology[ edit ] A study in has shown that using a foreign language reduces decision-making biases. It was surmised that the framing effect disappeared when choices are presented in a foreign tongue. As human reasoning is shaped by two distinct modes of thought: Therefore, those who speak two languages have better critical thinking and decision making skills.

The utilitarian option was chosen more often in the fat man case when presented in a foreign language. However, there was no difference in the switch track case. It was surmised that a foreign language lacks the emotional impact of one's native language. List of multilingual countries and regions A bilingual sign in Brusselsthe capital of Belgium.

In Brussels, both Dutch and French are official languages. At the top are Portuguese and Chinesewhich are the official languages of Macau, while at the bottom are Japanese and Englishwhich are common languages used by tourists English is also one of Hong Kong's two official languages.

Almost all railway stations in India have signs like these in three or more languages English, Hindi and the local language. Multilingual sign at Vancouver International Airportinternational arrivals area.

Text in English, French, and Chinese is a permanent feature of this sign, while the right panel of the sign is a video screen that rotates through additional languages. Three or four languages are shown: While Filipinos themselves are anglophonesuch signs cater to the growing number of Koreans and other foreigners in the country.

A Train name found in South India written in four languages: Kannada, Hindi, Tamil and English. Boards like this are common on trains which pass through two or more states where the languages spoken are different.

Multilingualism was common in the past: Some states can have multilingual policies and recognize several official languages, such as Canada English and French.

Language choice in multilingual communities essay

In some states, particular languages may be associated with particular regions in the state e. When all speakers are multilingual, linguists classify the community according to the functional distribution of the languages involved: Typical diglossic areas are those areas in Europe where a regional language is used in informal, usually oral, contexts, while the state language is used in more formal situations.Language maintenance and shift.

Pauwels () demonstrates the importance of the role of the family in maintaining the community language in the Australian immigrant environment. Consider the strategies proposed by Pauwels to promote the maintenance of the community language.

According to Grosjean () this process was called “language choice” and was governed by a number of factors, such as; their language proficiency, language preference, socioeconomic status, age, sex, occupation, kinship relation, education and attitude toward the languages.

Language contact in multilingual societies Language contact is an everyday ASPECT of multidialectal and multilingual societies PEOPLE IN MULTLINGUAL SOCIETIES TEND TO BE FACED WITH A GREATER RANGE OF LINGUISTIC CHOICES – different dialects, languages, varieties etc.

– and such choices have often important social consequences. Multilingual communities have the tendency to switch code either with or without their consciousness and Malaysia is a good example of a community that practice code switching. People sometimes switch code varied within a domain or social situation.

The picture Khubchandani presents of multilingual communication in non-western communities is confirmed by the burgeoning research on lingua franca English (LFE) in diverse communities (see, for a state-of-the-art, Seidlhofer, ; Canagarajah, ).

language choice event extremely difficult. Language choice is a careful selection of word, phrase, clause or sentence of another language within the speaker's linguistic repertoire.

For bilinguals and multilinguals, the occurrence of language choice seems natural, automatic and unplanned.

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