John cassavetes films

Although many of those names were the lynchpin of new storytelling success for the decade, the 70s had many great films that also tapped into the rebel spirit of the new auteurs without continuing to receive a classic shine. To create this initial list, I just had one criteria: With this methodology a few things were discovered. First, many of the films that could potentially land here were experimental with narrative, or grindhouse or foreign, which is of no surprise, of course.

John cassavetes films

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The Way Of The Samurai In The Company Of Men El Mariachid. An action movie filmed for the price of a second hand Ford Fiesta - Michael Bay, you have much to learn. Run Lola RunGer. Tykwer basically riffs on the same concept three times, ratcheting John cassavetes films the tension and building up the pace with each attempt as the flame-haired Lola uses increasingly inventive means of getting ahead.

John cassavetes films

An object lesson in how to shoot at speed, this smashes the stereotype of the talky, heavy European indie. Vincenzo Natali Cube is proof - if proof were needed - that you only need simple concept to make an arresting, interesting film.

Taking a small group of people, a confined space and a heavy dose of sinister mystery, Vincenzo Natali probes the darker reaches of human nature, placing his unwitting characters in the ultimate prison: The result is a tense and often terrifying tale, that outshines and outscares any number of budget-heavy, studio horrors.

Blood Feastd.

The Maverick

This no-budget effort was the birth of splatter. The Texas Chain Saw Massacred. Mad MaxAus. George Miller was well aware of when he changed careers from physician to filmmaker. Amores PerrosMex.

John Cassavetes – The Godfather of Independent Film

Remarkable for its stellar performances from a cast previously unknown outside their home country, for taking the fractured narrative to a whole new level, and for tackling subjects that studios avoid like the plague - dog fighting, anyone?

Shadowsd. It may seem somewhat dated now but as both a document of 60s Bohemian New York and the birth of American indie, this is essential. Swingersd. Doug Liman A true indie, this one, given that large sections of this film - in the casino, and on the highway - were shot without the proper permits, while director and stars pretended that the camera was turned off as the cops stood by.

But the results of this largely plotless story of friends rallying round their suddenly single pal are undeniable. Shane Meadows Most films on this list are here because of the man behind the camera.

The DescentUKd. Neil Marshall Howling onto the scene with surprise werewolf hit, Dog Soldiers, Neil Marshall surpassed himself with this claustrophobic follow-up that sees six female potholers trapped in the dark, far underground. Set in the US where these things more routinely seem to happen but shot at Pinewood and on location in Scotland, The Descent is by far and away the best Brit horror in years.

Grosse Point Blankd.Watch video · John Cassavetes was an Oscar-nominated actor and director best known for creating influential films like ‘Faces,’ ‘Husbands’ and ‘A Woman Under Born: Dec 09, John Cassavetes began his career in film in and ended it in , between which times he was involved in every aspect of the film, television, and stage arts, including acting, directing, scoring, shooting, editing, producing, and marketing.

Directed by John Cassavetes. With Gena Rowlands, Buck Henry, Julie Carmen, Tony Knesich.

John cassavetes films

When a young boy's family is killed by the mob, their tough neighbor Gloria becomes his reluctant guardian. In possession of a book that the gangsters want, the pair go on the run in New York.

John Cassavetes - Wikipedia

50 Greatest Independent Films: Empire Magazine, a decidedly pro-British film magazine, offered their picks for the bravest, most innovative, and most creative films - the "ultimate indie lineup" of 50 of the best non-studio works ever vetconnexx.comptions of choices for the 50 Greatest Independent Films are excerpted below from the Empire Magazine website.

The great 70s films largely belonged to men, were made by men, and told the stories almost exclusively through the eyes of men and tried to . John Cassavetes commence sa carrière de cinéaste en par un coup de maître.

Shadows procure au réalisateur une renommée internationale, surtout en vetconnexx.coms, et plus tard Connection de Shirley Clarke, font partie de cette époque où quelques œuvres à petit budget, tournées en décors naturels, avec des comédiens .

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