How to write around a circle in illustrator

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How to write around a circle in illustrator

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No problem if I build it in PowerPoint. But, I don't work that way. It's way harder than it needs to be. I prefer to work in a program that's built for vector-based image building.

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I discovered two ways of getting Illustrator files into PowerPoint for clients to use. One requires access to a PC, while the other can be done strictly on the Mac. Doesn't matter at this point. Export your art as an EMF enhanced metafile.

If you are on the PC, no problem. Just open PowerPoint and import the art and ungroup it. However, if you are on the Mac, like me, you have an extra in-between step. Find a friend with a PC, or get one, and put the art on the PC computer desktop first. Import the artwork into PowerPoint on the PC.

how to write around a circle in illustrator

Now, ungroup the artwork break apartand you have an editable vector in PowerPoint. Fully on the Mac method Go ahead and build your file in Illustrator. If you don't have OpenOffice, download it.

It's a great program, by-the-way, even if you already have Microsoft Office. The reason you need to do this is that PowerPoint for the Mac will convert vectors into non-editable raster images.

how to write around a circle in illustrator

I wonder why that is. Right-click the art and select Break. You can save this file in a PowerPoint format. And you are done. Photo courtesy Jusben of Morguefile.You can wrap area text around any object, including type objects, imported images, and objects you draw in Illustrator.

If the wrap object is an embedded bitmap image, Illustrator wraps the text around opaque or partially opaque pixels and ignores fully transparent pixels. In her essay “Nobody Asked You to Write That Novel” in the anthology Light the Dark, Pulitzer-winner Jane Smiley observed: The moments are what come to mind when I think about the books I like best—moments that stick in my mind as pictures.


With the Olympics lurking behind the corner, I thought it would be fun idea to write a tutorial on how to create interlocking rings in Illustrator. I've created a desktop wallpaper based on these interlocking rings too, but that something I'll post & explain next week.

After finishing this tutorial. Create either a circle or part of a circle within the badge. Your choice will depend on how much text you have and how far you would like it to wrap around the circle.

After you create your path, click on it using the either the Type Tool or the Type On A Path Tool. Mark Batterson is the New York Times bestselling author of fifteen books, including The Circle Maker, In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day, and Chase the Lion.

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Feb 20,  · When you use text on a path, you will have 3 lines. Two lines with a square, and a plain center line. Select the center line with the Direct Select tool, and drag it towards the center of the circle. Then drag it around to center the type as you require.

Use baseline shift if you want it outside of the circle.

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