How to write a reference letter for an inmate

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How to write a reference letter for an inmate

how to write a reference letter for an inmate

You might need one for a common job or school-related purpose, or for a special situation such as preparing to adopt a child, seeking child custody, in criminal court situations, for parole hearings, Credibility is very important in a character reference.

If you wish to adopt a child, strongly consider having another parent among one of your references. Other potential character references include: You want to be sure to choose a reference who has seen you in positions of responsibility, and where trust in you has been displayed.

Anecdotes short stories giving examples are especially important in character reference letters. The letter writer should mention how long he or she has known you, and in what capacity.

Keep copies of all your reference letters. Character references by nature focus more on personal attributes than marketable skills. These letters are also typically less formal than employment or academic letters.

Try not to be too "over the top"; no one is perfect. Check to see if the letter needs to be notarized.

Writing A Character Reference for Court

Also, keep in mind that the letter may be seen by birth parents, but often is just used by the adoption agency. Also, find out if the statement needs to be notarized and who you should give it to. Be sure to proofread your letter for spelling and other errors, and preferably have someone else take a look at it as well.

Use good-quality paper with letterhead if possibleand use a computer or typewriter rather than hand-writing the letter, unless you have no other option.

Keep a copy for your records.Credibility is very important in a character reference.

how to write a reference letter for an inmate

For example, you probably wouldn't ask a fellow inmate to write a letter to the parole board on your behalf. If you're seeking a housing-related reference, a good choice would be a current or former landlord.

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