How to plan the perfect wedding

The bride and groom discusses the wedding reception program with the reception manager and the wedding master of ceremonies MCin order to create a wedding reception itinerary for your wedding. This is to ensure all your needs are met and everything runs smoothly and on time.

How to plan the perfect wedding

Greg Peterson If a bride and groom are early birds, they may choose to have a morning wedding and brunch reception. Brunch weddings can be more cost effective and relaxed than evening celebrations, but they still require the same level of creative planning.

The Timing According to Kristin Doggett, co-founder and creative director of Bellafarea boutique event and wedding planning company, brunch receptions are typically scheduled between 11 a.

Doggett recommends walking down the aisle no earlier than 10 a. The Venue Brunch weddings are typically smaller and more casual than evening celebrations, so the bride and groom can be flexible with the venue. A word of advice: Before booking a venue, visit it during the scheduled time of your reception.

Make sure the shadows and lighting lend themselves to good morning photographs. A floor-length gown or fancy cocktail dress would look strange before noon. Even the bride might choose to don a more relaxed gown, with a shorter length, minimal train, or more casual fabric.

Landman suggests having a Bloody Mary bar or a "bubble bar," which offers different types of champagne with berries. Also, cutting down on hard liquor at your reception is a great way to save money. The Menu At a brunch wedding, brides and grooms can get creative with the menu.


The lunch items can be similar to finger foods at an evening reception. Instead of a buffet, the bride and groom can also choose to have a sit-down meal. The menu items should still reflect the brunch atmosphere. However, if you want something a bit more non-traditional, you can also choose to serve a breakfast-friendly dessert.

Angel food cakes, fruit cakes, and naked cakes served without frosting are lighter options. More creative treats include donuts, a waffle or crepe cake, and a pastry tower. But music is still a necessity.

How to plan the perfect wedding

Couples can still have first dance, mother-son dance, and father-daughter dance. Doggett suggests having lawn games, like bocce ball, croquet, cornhole, and horseshoes. Most typical wedding reception festivities, like a fun photo booth, will be just as fun at noon as at midnight.

The Budget One of the benefits of a brunch reception is the reasonable price tag.

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Other Considerations Besides the reasonable budget, brunch weddings have many other perks. Since the reception will end at 2 p.

Take advantage of this extra time to prep for your honeymoon, have dinner with your new husband, or plan an activity with family. Above everything else, make sure to embrace your brunch reception.From wedding venue to wedding cake, browse nearby wedding professionals all in one place.

See pictures, watch videos and read customer reviews to help you find the perfect wedding . Hints and tips on how to arrange your wedding seating plan and wedding top table, including ideas for different layouts.

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Start planning early

Take a peek at who was signed up for the Bridal Show. No matter where you’re having your wedding reception, whether an art gallery, a country club, or a tent on your parents’ lawn, you’ll need to figure out a floor plan for your wedding.

Everything you need to learn how to plan a wedding. Free wedding planning guides, tools, and advice from wedding planning experts. Planning a wedding. A well planned wedding reception timeline helps the bride and groom form a mental image of the wedding reception order of events.

It also ensures your wedding planning is a great success.

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