Factionalism according to james madison essay

Preamble to the U.

Factionalism according to james madison essay

A critical part of those papers, 10, was focused on explaining the dangers of faction. What are its causes and effects? Do the Founding Fathers seek to eliminate the cause or the effect and how do they do so in the framework of the Constitution?

Madison and factions

James Madison wrote Federalist No. He knew, however, that factions were inevitable due to a tyrannous monarch or a self interested majority. The effects of factions could result in the end of a nation.

Factions, to Madison, needed to be controlled. One must understand what a faction is to understand its implications. Madison was concerned with how factions could affect the nations as a whole.

According to Samuel Kernell, Gary C. However, a tyrannical monarch would not continue for long. The monarch may hinder the administration through his manipulations and tricks, or agitate a society with his foolish ways, but The Constitution will not allow an unfair monarch to get away with much.

According to Amendment 1 of the bill of rights: The monarch was a concern for Madison because of fear of tyranny. However, Madison was not just concerned about the monarch but also the majority as they were capable of being just as oppressive as the monarch.

Small states were concerned over large states ruling over them for example. The majority of people in the Virginia Plan came from large states, and small states were concerned about having their concerns rejected.

The minority hated reform because they suffered at the hands of King George III and wanted to be in charge of themselves. With a majority faction, the effects can be problematic because of fear of oppression. Factions can not only be caused by a monarch or self interested majority, but also economic factors.

The unequal distribution of property was a cause for faction. The majority of people in the late eighteenth century was without property. There was only a few who did.

Factionalism according to james madison essay

Faction was inevitable with the unequal distribution. Everyone is in different classes, whether it is lower, middle, or upper.

Factionalism according to james madison essay

Class did factor into what one grew up interested in. Factions were inevitable because of the liberty of people to make choices. With factions inevitable, Madison thought of two ways to eliminate factions, and figure out what to do if the faction could not be rid of altogether.

Madison thought of two ways to eliminate factions but both of them would only make things worse: Authoritarianism would mean that one had to suppress all of his or her feelings towards something, and let that anger fester inside. They would not be allowed to express their deepest concerns and disgust towards someone or something.

All authoritarianism would do is make things worse because after a while, the person with concern or disgust will not be able to suppress their feelings, and will explode in a terrible way.

This may be towards someone or something that may not have anything to do with the problem, or die due to the festering anger of not practicing his or her liberties. The problem with that is people are not robots, but have free will.

Every person has been given humanity and uniqueness, and therefore, is prone to faction because not everyone has the same goals or values. Factions do have consequences. Factions have effects ranging from a temporary interruption in the life of society to fear of government.Summary.

This essay, the first of Madison's contributions to the series, was a rather long development of the theme that a well-constructed union would break and control the violence of faction, a "dangerous vice" in popular governments. James Madison once remarked that the Constitution of the United States was the work of many minds and many hands.

He was being too modest.

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Madison, more than anyone else at the Constitutional Convention that hot summer of , developed the ideas embodied in our fundamental law and crafted the actual wording of the document. James Madison wrote The Federalist No. 10 to inform the people about the problems and possible solutions for the formation of factions.

Through multiple statements concerning the dangers of factions and the benefits of a republic, Madison’s major argument was in favor of the United States Constitution. What, according to Madison, is the root cause of the division of society into factions?

The influence and sentiments of [protection of different and unequal faculties of acquiring property, possession of different kinds of property] cause the division of society.

Nov 13,  · Madison was born March 16, , in Orange County, Virginia, the oldest son of Nellie Conway Madison and James Madison Sr., a prominent landowner. He was educated at a . James madison and Slavery Essay - James madison and slavery Slavery was a problem that faced all Americans in the years prior to the American Civil War.

Many Americans wanted to bring about an end to it but were unable to come up with a workable plan.

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