Essays on product design

It has different kind of functions and used in household and restaurant.

Essays on product design

Features of a good product design Concepts of product design Steps of product design What is product design? Product design is conceptualization of an idea about a product and transformation of the idea into a reality. To transform the idea into reality a specification about the product is prepared.

This specification is prepared by considering different constraints such as production process, customer expectation, etc. In product design stage every aspects of the product are analyzed. Also final decision regarding the product is taken on the basis of the analysis.

This decision can be any aspect related to the product, e. Essays on product design design is one of the most important and sensitive factor for an organization. So during design stage various factors related to the product needs to be addressed. Objectives of product design: The product must function properly for intended purpose.

The product must perform properly for the designated period of time. The product must be produced with a required quantity and quality at a defined and feasible cost. The product should be designed in such a fashion so that most of the components are standardized and easily available in the market.

Essays on product design

The product must perform for a designated period with a minimum and defined maintenance. Adequate provision for maintenance should be kept in the product. Sufficient option must be kept in the product so that critical and maintainable components can be checked and inspected as required with ease.

The product must be cost effective. This must be manufactured in the most cost effective environment. Basic research is a search for new knowledge. It does not have any immediate application, but based on the basic research new product can be developed in future.

Applied research has objective of developing commercial products. Reverse engineering is the process of carefully dismantling a product, understanding its design and developing a product which is better than the existing one.

By using 3D modeling software system, designers develop a computerized model of a new product and analyze its design parameters. CE is different than conventional approach of design. In CE, different co-related teams are formed, which perform different activities for developing a product.

For example, development of market concept, design of product, development of manufacturing process, selection and arrangement of material for new design is performed by different teams at the same time. It reduces considerable amount of time to develop a new product.

In practice different concepts are combined and applied together to design a new product.By investigating the potential impacts of your product and then finding ways of reducing these issues through eco-design, you can create functional, aesthetically pleasing and successful designs without locking in unnecessary environmental impacts.

Resource extraction Everything we do involves natural resources at some point. Every product that is manufactured by any organisation is suppose to have a distinguishing physical characteristic which will make it attr. Essay on Product Design: A product is an article obtained by the transformation of raw material.

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A product line design problem studies the optimal product line and corresponding quality and price for each product.

This problem is critical for the success of businesses in both manufacturing and service sectors, and has been an important research focus for decades in both areas of . Check out this Product and Service Design in Operation Management essay paper.

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