Essays on popular music

Music Pop music in the 21st Century Hello! Basically, pop music is short for popular music and nowadays, there are many different countries in the world are doing pop music like Britain, America, Korea, Japan, Africa and China, and among all of these countries, recently the most famous pop music country is Korea and Japan which is called K-pop and J-pop and they are very popular through the whole world.

Essays on popular music

Digital music devices, downloading and free online streaming sites have not only changed how you listen to your favorite music, but also have become subjects for debate. These issues could be great topics for an argumentative essay, which requires you to present a well-researched opinion on a multifaceted subject.

Essays on popular music

Choosing a music-related topic for your essay lets you explore issues of cultural impact and technology. The Vinyl Revival Digital downloads may make your music collection more portable, but vinyl records have experienced a surprising surge in popularity.

While the advent of the CD pushed them off store shelves in the early s, sales of vinyl rose 33 percent inaccording to the Nielsen SoundScan ratings. For your essay, research this new trend and formulate an argument about why modern-day listeners are drawn to older technology amid the growth of digital music.

For example, your thesis might explore what creates the full, rich sound that separates digital music from vinyl and why it appeals to fans.

The Kid Connection Using music in children's classrooms presents a host of benefits to students, including the development of emotional expression, social skills and a stronger connection to course material.

It can be used to introduce new concepts, set the tone for the school day and provide engaging background music for indoor activities.

Write an argumentative essay that describes how using music in the classroom can positively benefit kids.

For example, you might focus on how music helps students build relationships through better behavior, such as being more willing to help each other. Generational Jams From the big bands of the World War II era to s protest music to early s rap, every generation has a genre of music that speaks to its values and experiences.

Choose a song from a particular era and research the events that took place when it was popular. Then, write an argumentative essay presenting the case for why that song defines the generation of its original audience. For example, "Fortunate Son" by Creedence Clearwater Revival embodies the anger of young people over the Vietnam war draft, especially the social injustices it involved.

To Stream or Not to Stream Free streaming sites such as Spotify and Pandora may be opening doors for fans to discover new tunes, but they've also divided producers and artists on whether these programs are good for music sales. Inuse of music streaming websites rose by 32 percent, while digital music sales sharply declined, according to the Nielsen SoundScan ratings.

Write an argumentative essay that makes the case for whether music streaming is a positive or negative force in the industry.

For example, you might argue that streaming gives artists a valuable marketing opportunity, especially for letting fans preview new songs and albums.Oct 29,  · Essay examples job law day an symbolism essay english subject essay on construction work life balance practice at school essay tests tutorial writing essay pte youtube essay about environmental protection zones nsw essay topics about music great gatsby fav show essay teacher.

Popular music is an example of what cultural industries produce and also what Theodor Adorno criticizes in his essay, On Popular Music. Theodor Adorno is a German philosopher, socialist, and also a composer.

He analyzes popular music with the perspective not only from music, but also from the economic system based on Marx’s idea.

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Pop Culture Essay Topics Writing about pop culture can be a lot of fun for students, because many of them are already embroiled in pop culture themselves. It's a major part of many of their lives. The first is the essay "On Popular Music," which was published in the Institute's organ, Studies in Philosophy and Social Sciences, Vol.

IX, No. 1. This essay both summarized Adorno's studies of popular music and immediately prefigured the emergence of the theory of the culture industry. The focus of this collection of essays is the powerful interaction between popular music and multimedia: film, television, music video and video games.

Written by a diverse group of scholars and published within the last fifteen years, the essays examine new theories and methodologies and offer opportunities for thinking across disciplines Author: Julie McQuinn. is a platform for academics to share research papers.

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