Childhood obesity coursework

Childhood Obesity in the USA: Obesity is the fastest growing disease among people in North America Carmona, Nearly two out of every three Americans are overweight or obese. Obesity has been shown to have a direct link to heart disease, high blood pressure and certain types of diabetes.

Childhood obesity coursework

Discuss about the case study Health for Obesity in Infancy and Childhood. A health issue is a matter related to health, which raises the concerns of the people in a particular area.

Now a day, many such health issues are appearing in the societies. In order to improve this issues for community or personal supports, many social action, community and personal activities are been conducted.

Among many certain health issues, the author has chosen childhood obesity as a health issue. So, this investigation report will be written based on childhood obesity.

Graduate Certification Program Targets Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is one of the major serious public health issues of the 21st century. It is a global issue and it is affecting gradually many middle- and low-income countries, especially in urban settings[1]. This health issue has increased at an alarming rate. Init is estimated that the approximate number of obese children under the age of five is more than 42 million.

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Among this estimated number, approximately 31 million of children are living in developing countries. The obese and overweight children are prone to stay obese in their early adulthood. These children have high tendency to develop non-communicable diseases, like, cardiovascular diseases, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, metabolic disorders, asthma, menstruation or early puberty, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease NAFLDsleep disorders and diabetes at younger ages.

This issue does not raise the health problems, but also it raises many emotional and social complications, like, depression, problems in learning and behaviors, bullying and low self-esteem[2]. Obesity, overweight, and their associated diseases can be prevented.

Therefore, the prevention of this disease needs high priority.

Childhood obesity coursework

Obesity in the children is such an issue, which generally cannot be diagnosed through necked eyes. Only, the regular health checkups can help to diagnose with this problem. This issue is a major concern of discussing as it not only affects the children, but also it is also affecting the future generation.

Along with the children, there are many other sectors like, families, schools, food habits, life styles, who are associated with this issue. Therefore, this issue is affecting all these groups. The main causes related to this health problem are majorly lack of physical activity and poor die try supplements.

Apart from that, many hormonal and genetic problems also play major role as well.

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According to recent researches, certain alterations in digestive hormones lead to the signals that the person is full. Though it is not common, many hormonal disorders and genetic diseases lead the child prone to obesity[4].

In order to improve this health issue, one health promoting activity will be conducted. This health promoting activity will be conducted in a particular community through arranging a survey.

Childhood obesity coursework

This survey will support this promotional activity as primary sources. There are also secondary sources, like, information from electronic media, health agencies, which will support this investigation process. In order to conduct a health promotional activity, clear transparency of obesity prevention is crucial in evaluating the success and structuring an action plan.

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This plan will be made through conducting a survey in a selected community. The people of the community will be informed about the survey prior to the initialization. All the families and schools will be requested to motivate the children to take part in this survey.Childhood obesity.

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Childhood obesity has always been a concern in the society. Obesity is a condition where the body mass index exceeds 95% based on the height and a certain body type.

Research reveals that most of the children who are obese grow up to become obese adults. Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Policies offers the following policy recommendations and potential actions for implementation designed to prevent obesity in infancy and early childhood by within coursework on how to increase physi-cal activity and decrease sedentary behavior in.

Health - childhood obesity, Coursework open comment letter. An open comment is an informed opinion written in the form of a letter to counsel authors of legislation on the perceived benefits and consequences of the opinion.

Childhood Obesity in US Introduction. In the US, the rate of Childhood obesity has been on a high rise over the past three decades, and today, the United States is known to have some of the most cases of obesity in a child’s life.

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