Business plan immigration nz

While the process of starting a business in New Zealand is easier than in most countries, you may need help and advice both with your visa application, and in regards to starting your business.

Business plan immigration nz

Please talk to us as there may be other categories than those listed here and other requirements. This is intended as a brief outline only and you would need to discuss with a Licensed Adviser to see if you qualify.

business plan immigration nz

Regardless of whether you require a visa or not to come to New Zealand, you will business plan immigration nz need to meet health requirements and character requirements, before you will be allowed entry to New Zealand.

Discuss with us, without obligation if you will meet these requirements. This is the most popular application for our clients to start their journey.

Work Visas are also granted to people coming here for a particular purpose or event, and people who want to gain work experience or work after studying in New Zealand. Studying — Student Visa Children of people on a work visa are eligible to apply for a student visa to attend primary, intermediate or secondary school.

People who wish to study for a tertiary qualification may gain a student visa either for the period of study they have paid for or for the length of course. Check with us for details. Visiting — Visitor Visa You must be considered to be a genuine visitor, before you will be business plan immigration nz entry to New Zealand.

If you are not from a country on the visa free list, you will need to apply for a visa to come to New Zealand. If you are from a country on the visa free list subject to meeting requirements you will be granted a Visitor Visa on arrival. Ask us if you are from a country on the visa free list.

If you are in New Zealand and wish to extend your stay you may qualify for an extension of your Visitor Visa.

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Family Temporary Entry If you intend to stay temporarily with your family member who is a New Zealand citizen or resident you may choose to: Visit New Zealand under one of the following categories: People who have children settled in New Zealand and have had residence for at least 3 years and can sponsor them may qualify to gain residence.

This is a capped category and applications usually exceed the annual cap. Application usually takes up to 2 years to process. If you are the husband, wife, defacto or civil union partner of a New Zealand citizen or resident and you can show you live in a genuine, stable relationship and have resided together for 12 months or more you may gain residence.

If your relationship is stable and genuine but you do not yet qualify to apply for residence you may qualify for a work visa in order for you to remain together until you meet the requirements. Processing time can take from a few months to a year depending on the verifications which need to be made and branch handling your application.

Child of a New Zealand resident. You and your parent s may wish to be reunited in New Zealand. You will need to be dependent and not married or have a partner.

If you are a child and wish to move to New Zealand to live with your parent syou will need to apply for residence in New Zealand. Your parent must be a New Zealand citizen or resident and be living in New Zealand. If your parent s are not residents or citizens but are living here on a work visa or student visa you may still qualify for a visa to join them.

Investing and doing business in New Zealand New Zealand is a prosperous English-speaking country with powerful passports that have multiple immigration options open to investors and entrepreneurs. Because of strong interest in migration to New Zealand, the investment visa categories in New Zealand are highly selective and require large investment amounts.

Investment opportunities are essentially split into two categories: Within the Investor Visa category, there are multiple levels of investment that confer different benefits. New Zealand targets high net worth individuals and has strict standards for proposed businesses within their border.

Before selecting an investment location, investors should consider the outcome of their investment temporary or permanent residencythe type of investment required, processing times, and long-term commitments demanded by the program and any restrictions on dual nationality.

business plan immigration nz

New Zealand has certain presence requirements, but the specific length of residency required will depend on the investment level.

Furthermore, some investment levels may require English language skills. New Zealand offers residency to both investors and entrepreneurs. Investors can qualify for residency in New Zealand in the Investor 2 or Investor 1 categories.

Applicants are first granted temporary residence, which lasts the duration of their required investment period. Once they have fulfilled the investment length requirements of the program, investors will be able to apply, with their families, for permanent residence in New Zealand.

Those interested in starting their own business in New Zealand can consider the Entrepeneur Work and Residence visas.Business migration to New Zealand consultancy services from Terra Nova Consultancy including Immigration and Settlement Services, business plans for permanent and or temporary visas and permits.

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Take a moment to explore New Zealand. Stray from well-beaten paths and discover ever-changing landscapes as one journey leads to another. *Fees do not include Immigration New Zealand application fee/levy and any third party fee (e.g.

medicals, police certificates, NZQA assessments, translations, professional registration, certification of documents, CV and business plan writing) and disbursements (e.g. . The Super Rich of Silicon Valley Have a Doomsday Escape Plan Wealthy Americans have stepped up investment in New Zealand.

Parliament votes to ban foreigners from buying bolt-hole homes. Immigration New Zealand is using Ubiquity, the marketing automation platform of Qrious, to drive interest from skilled migrants whose occupations are on the country’s skill shortage list. Qrious says it will provide the latest in personalised marketing with an automated lead nurture programme that.

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