An argument in favor of the idea that elderly people should retake tests

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An argument in favor of the idea that elderly people should retake tests

Only fourteen billion dollars lost in damage. What happens when you detonate a spherical metal honeycomb over a hundred miles wide just above the atmosphere of a habitable world?

Regardless of specifics, the world won't remain habitable for long. Fridge Logic doesn't just find plot holes; it can make your typical happy ending into a Downer Endingand render even the most flawless moral victory into Black and Gray Morality. By helping the viewer realize that the "survivors" at the end of a work don't have a future.

When authors use large and amazing technologies and world or even galaxy spanning threats, they run the risk of letting the excitement of Stuff Blowing Up get the better of them and not think through how the survivors will make a living afterward, even though they can't help but celebrate as the Evil Tower of Ominousness explodes with its master's demise.

Y'see, Happily Ever After implies there's arable land to farm, electricity and running water, and a semblance of civilization to go back to, as well as at least several hundred to several thousand people surviving by the end.

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And even if humanity does manage to survive humans are clingy bastards there are bound to be massive casualties. And even if the work runs with the above scenarios and makes it about characters from a Terminally Dependent Society surviving After the Endthe author may end up seriously overestimating their and their civilizations' chances of survival.

Cue the Moral Dissonance if the heroes are primarily responsible for this near disaster. The subversion of this trope is if the heroes fully realize the effects of their actions Maybe they are amoral sociopaths who do not care, maybe the Omniscient Morality License makes it such that the ultimate consequences will be preferable to the status quoor maybe things are beyond the Godzilla Threshold and so anything goes.

Some common examples of this trope coming into effect include: Any work with anthropomorphic animals, short of tortoises and parrots unless it assumes Humanlike Animal Aging will most likely have the cast be dead inside of 20 years unless it specifically addresses the issue such as Charlotte's Web or Babe.

Also, any talking-animal story that takes place on a farm, and one of the characters is a pig — because unlike horses, cattle, sheep, goats and poultry, you only raise a pig for one thing.

Also, some prize pigs are more valuable alive than dead which is why Charlotte saves Wilbur from slaughter in the aforementioned Charlotte's Web by getting him entered in a county fairbut of course not all pigs are prize material.

A Zombie Apocalypsealthough in some works it's part of the underlying horror or helps the ambiance at any rate. An Adam and Eve Plot. Unless there are revealed to be survivors elsewhere, the lack of genetic diversity will mean humanity is doomed in a handful of generations.

Even those collapse-of-civilization scenarios that harp upon mass famine, plague, and mayhem will seldom think to mention the grim prospects for people with chronic medical needs — cardiac patients, diabetics, transplant recipients — who'd be doomed to succumb to their ailments as their medication runs out.

If the protagonist succeeds, the implication is that they've wiped out an alternate timeline and every living thing in it. Any work Based on a True Story that takes place prior to or during a nasty historical event, and retroactively, any work written shortly before such an event.

There Are No Global Consequences mentioned on screen. Any Police Procedural in which corruption by and large within the force is blown out of the water; even with a few befitting the Knight in Shining Armorexpect Interpol or the National Guard to step in at the end to keep the city from tearing itself apart.

Keep in mind that this is an inferred holocaust. If the work explicitly states that there's a horrible aftermath or if it ends on a cliffhanger for example, depicting an undetected bomb about to explodethen it isn't an example of this trope.

Also note that, despite the name, the "holocaust" doesn't have to involve massive death; it could be as simple as a criminal getting away because the writers didn't give the good guys enough evidence to convict. A possible reason why audiences may see a "happy" ending as an Esoteric Happy Ending.

For more general plot points that are chilling when contemplated at length, see Fridge Horror. Ending Tropeso spoilers be ahead. A few humans have survived Gaia's Vengeanceand they can all live in harmony with mother nature, free at last of technology; then the Fridge Logic sets in - the only survivors will be physically strong people so if you're physically disabled, blind, deaf, have a terminal disease, etc.

Turns into Moral Dissonance in Rebuild of Evangelion 2. Shinji rescues Reithough as a result triggers the Third Impact. It takes a timely intervention with Kaworu to stop it.

Ergo Proxythough already post-apocalyptic, just made it worse when the last known bastion of humanity fell since its patron Proxy abandoned it, as well as almost every Proxy burns to death. The only survivors are a Proxy, two cogito-infected autoreivs, and a person who is either another Proxy or sterile.Certain people have different ideas of what a good driver is.

By slower moving vehicle, I mean a tractor-trailer, or an elderly driver. The terms "elderly" and "driving" should never even appear in /5(4). Would you like us to pray for you or your loved ones? Please feel free to share your prayer requests with us and our readers here at Our Catholic Prayers using the form below!

Old people are overly safe drivers and drive too slowly. That does not mean they need to retake the test.

Maybe at the age of 80, people should prove they are still capable of driving.

An argument in favor of the idea that elderly people should retake tests

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For example, in a recent lawsuit that was decided in favor of Costco Wholesale Corporation, the retailer was accused of religious discrimination.

Instead, they should have the ability to work with people from many diverse.

An argument in favor of the idea that elderly people should retake tests

Social Inequality in Elderly Americans Elderly people (women and men age sixty-five or older) (Macionis, ), Have many obstacles to face as they grow older, many of these obstacles involve social inequality.

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